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The Pioneer In Wire Industry. A Long Tradition of Safety. Since 1955.

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Company Profile

American Wire & Cable Co., Inc., one of the country's leading manufacturers of quality electrical wires and cables, is considered the pioneer in the industry. The company was founded in 1955.

Due to growing customer demands for its products from construction, telecommunication, electric power and other industries, the company moved from its original site in Pasong Tamo, Makati City to a larger manufacturing site along the South Superhighway, Parañaque City where it operates successfully up to the present.

Since then, American Wire & Cable Co., Inc. has been continuously undergoing expansion and technology upliftment. The company is revitalizing and pursuing vigorously its efforts on securing superior raw materials, installing modern and state-of-the art machines and testing equipment, benchmarking its operations with global standards and employing competent people to ensure delivery of quality products and services.

To date, American Wire & Cable Co., Inc. underscores even more its direction to increase progressively its plant capacity, improve efficiency and aggressively expand its market share while maintaining the tradition of quality and excellence that it firmly embraced since its inception.

The company is now firmly rooted as it faces the challenges of the next millennium with competitive advantage.


Amwire adopts and adheres to the 8 Quality Management Principles of ISO

Customer Focus. In Amwire, we always think first what is best for the customer. Then we work on it.

Leadership. The business operation of Amwire for half a century is a mark of good leadership. Steering the people throughout the years towards common goal clears the way for Amwire in the future.

Involvement of People. Each employee of Amwire contributes and delivers.

Process Approach. We manage our business and conversion processes well to produce high quality products.

System approach to management. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution is at work in Amwire. All processes are integrated through a state-of-the-art computerized media which ensures productivity and efficiency.

Continual Improvement. Improvement is an ongoing culture in Amwire.

Factual approach to decision making. "What are the facts?" is always the first question asked before the resolution of issues.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships. Suppliers are business partners. Together, we satisfy the customers.


Our People

Our People

The story behind the success of Amwire is about its people. The Company has an admirable pool of brilliant engineers, technicians, customer relations staff, and support group. All with one clear vision - To expand our market territory and maintain the leadership.